AI completion#

marimo comes with GitHub Copilot, a tool that helps you write code faster by suggesting in-line code suggestions based on the context of your current code.

marimo also comes with the ability to use AI for refactoring a cell, finishing writing a cell, or writing a full cell from scratch. This feature is currently experimental and is not enabled by default.

GitHub Copilot#

The marimo editor natively supports GitHub Copilot, an AI pair programmer, similar to VS Code.

Get started with Copilot:

  1. Install Node.js.

  2. Enable Copilot via the settings menu in the marimo editor.

Note: Copilot is not yet available in our conda distribution; please install marimo using pip if you need Copilot.

Using AI to modify cells#

This feature is currently experimental and is not enabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Install openai: pip install openai

  2. Add the following to your ~/.marimo.toml:

# Get your API key from
api_key = "sk-..."
# Choose a model, we recommend "gpt-3.5-turbo"
model = "gpt-3.5-turbo"
# Change the base_url if you are using a different OpenAI-compatible API
base_url = ""

Once enabled, you can use AI completion by pressing Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-e in a cell. This will open an input to modify the cell using AI.

Use AI to modify a cell by pressing `Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-e`.

Using other AI providers#

marimo supports OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 API by default. If your provider is compatible with OpenAI’s API, you can use it by changing the base_url in the configuration.

For other providers not compatible with OpenAI’s API, please submit a feature request or “thumbs up” an existing one.